Release Notes

ShakuScore V1.1

ShakuScoreV1.1.04 (2016/4/10)
Extensive enhancements and bug fixes are done from Version 1.0x (2015/10/9). The handbook was rewritten thoroughly.

Please install Version 1.1. and switch to 1.1x.
I apologize that the file upward compatibility was lost from version 1.0x to 1.1x. You can rescue old ShakuScore files by opening them as MusixXML files, though layout data is discarded.

Major enhancements are:
(1)Notation Styles:Conventional Tozan and Kinko are supported. More fonts are added.
(2)Plugins for MuseScore 2 (Import to ShakuScore, Import Update to ShakuScore)
(3)More Sample Files
(4)Text and Symbol positioning
(5)Page Numbering control
(6)Handbook for Version 1.1x
(7)Redesign of User Interface
(8)Export MusicXML
(9)File Property
(10)File version checking
(11)Styling of Measures and Notes
(12)Environment for Importing
(13)Many bug fixes

ShakuScoreV1.09 (2015/10/9)
[ReImport] command is added. If the original musicXml file is updated, you can re-import it. Layout data is preserved for measures unchanged in musicXml level.